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Sanitizing is way different from disinfecting although several people confuse the two of them for each other.

Sanitizing your carpet is a great way to fully get rid of all the microorganisms that have settled down. You may not see the need for the sanitizing of your carpet, especially if you have already had it professionally clean.

Professional carpet cleaning is not the same thing as carpet sanitization. While carpet cleaning London ontario gets rid of dirt and oily stains in your carpet, sanitizing gets rid of microorganisms and keeps your carpet healthy.

An un-sanitised carpet is more likely to affect you and your family adversely. Sanitizing the carpet involves the use of steam and a sanitizing compound that is naturally based.

Your carpet should undergo sanitization after your pet or child has an accident that involves faces or urine. You should also schedule a sanitization of your carpet when you move to a new house and meet the previous carpet there. You have to sanitize it for your safety and that of your children and pets.

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