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Odour Remover

Nothing is more embarrassing and uncomfortable as a smelly carpet. It automatically makes your home stink up and can be very difficult to explain to any visitors.

Smelly carpet are more unhealthy and dangerous than you think. This is why it is important to get a cleaning service over once you perceive any odour.

The unsavoury smell from your carpets could be the after effect of pet accidents. These accidents cause the emission of volatile organic compounds. Volatile Organic Compounds have an irritating smell that affects the mucous membrane and might have adverse effects on more sensitive people.

Our expert carpet cleaning service will rid carpets of nasty smells.

Firstly we clean out the carpet, using steam to take out the stain. After taking care of the stain, we use sanitizers to remove bacteria and use an odour neutraliser to remove the nasty smell.

Take a bold step today to have your carpets smelling fresh by contacting Great North Steam service in London, Ontario

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