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Carpet Cleaning London Ontario


Do you have pets and need a good home cleaning service? Great North steam offer carpet cleaning services in London, Ontario. So you need not worry. You love pets, and so do we.

If you have pets lying around at home, don′;t feel pressured on how to handle cleaning your home. We are familiar with pets and adore having them around when we work.

Because of this, our Carpet Cleaning London Ontario cleaning services are tailored with your pets in mind. We are particular about cleaning your home from the cleaning staff down to the products we use.

Every part of our service has to undergo a thorough vetting exercise to ensure they meet up with our pet friendly criteria.

Our cleaning products do not contain toxic chemicals that would affect the health of your pet. We make sure that all the cleaning products we use for carpet cleaning are safe for your pet.

Eco Friendly

Presently, everyone is now conscious of the environment as we try to preserve it better. From monitoring how much carbon dioxide that we emit down to choosing the products we use, everyone is pitching in to save our earth.

With our carpet cleaning London Ontario services, we are not to be left behind. Our cleaning company cares greatly about the environment just as much as we care about you - our client. This is why we adopt the Eco-friendly form of cleaning during carpet cleaning.

Green cleaning is one of our strong points as a carpet cleaning service. We try as much as possible to use products certified with the design for environment label. This label proclaims the product as an environmentally friendly product.

We, therefore, make use of products that are biodegradable, non-toxic and safe not just for the environment but also for your health.

Chemical-heavy cleaning products can damage affect health negatively. As a result, we adopt an Eco-Friendly system to protect the environment and you.

Stain Remover

Accidents happen and before you know it, coffee or any other food substance has spilled all over your carpet. The frequency of these accidents increases even more if you have. Over time, your once brightly coloured carpet might be stained in several places. So many faded spots where you must have tried to wipe away evidence of spillage could dim the beauty of your carpet.

Dirty carpets take away from the overall beauty of the house leaving the decor effect flat and no one deserves to enter their home and feel deflated.

You don′;t have to get down on your hands and knees with a brush and a basin filled with water to scrub your carpet. Not when you can easily get in touch with Great North Steam - a professional carpet cleaning London Ontario service.

We are here to ensure that your carpets are bright and stain free by using products that are safe and non-toxic. We exist to return your carpets to its former glory.

Odour Remover

Nothing is more embarrassing and uncomfortable as a smelly carpet. It automatically makes your home stink up and can be very difficult to explain to any visitors.

Smelly carpets are more unhealthy and dangerous than you think. This is why it is important to get a cleaning service over once you perceive any odour.

The unsavoury smell from your carpets could be the after effect of pet accidents. These accidents cause the emission of volatile organic compounds. Volatile Organic Compounds have an irritating smell that affects the mucous membrane and might have adverse effects on more sensitive people.

Our expert carpet cleaning service will rid carpets of nasty smells.

Firstly we clean out the carpet, using steam to take out the stain. After taking care of the stain, we use an odour neutraliser to remove the nasty smell.

Take a bold step today to have your carpets smelling fresh by contacting our carpet cleaning London, Ontario service.

Commercial carpet cleaning--Degreaser

If you′;re searching for a commercial Carpet cleaning London Ontario service, use a service that uses a Degreaser. It′;s a must-have product.
You can only remove stains that seep into the carpet by the joint efforts of a Degreaser and steam cleaning.

A degreaser is a cleaning product that dissolves greasy and oily stains from any surface. De-greasers are made from certain chemicals and solvent substances.
These chemical substances alter the state of the oily substance via a chemical reaction.

When the state of the substance is altered, it becomes easy to clean off using the steam.

De-greasers come in three types, the solvent based de-greasers, the natural de-greasers and the water-based de-greasers. The three types of de-greasers are used for different purposes.
We use the solvent-based de-greaser for heavy duty industries and the water-based degreaser for smaller industries. The natural de-greasers are best for home cleaning.

Natural de-greasers are pet friendly and Eco Friendly. They do not contain the toxic materials that other de-greasers contain.
Because of the mild products used to make them, they are a popular tool among commercial cleaners.


You may be very religious about having your carpet cleaned by Carpet cleaning London Ontario services service every two weeks.
Surely your carpet is clean but is it disinfected?

Having a clean carpet is different from having one that is disinfected. Disinfecting your carpet involves clearing it of all microorganisms.
Disinfecting your carpet is especially important if you have young kids and pets.
This is because kids and pets spend a lot of time playing in the rugs and exposing themselves to anything that might be lurking there.

Carpets are disinfected making use of non-toxic cleaning products such as vinegar and steam.
Steam is essential in carpet cleaning and disinfecting. We use the high temperature to kill all the microorganisms that are in the carpet.

Get a professional cleaning service over to your house today to disinfect it so that your kids don′;t get an infection.


Sanitizing is way different from disinfecting although several people confuse the two of them for each other.

Sanitizing your carpet is a great way to fully get rid of all the microorganisms that have settled down. You may not see the need for the sanitizing of your carpet, especially if you have already had it professionally clean.

Professional carpet cleaning is not the same thing as carpet sanitization. While carpet cleaning London ontario gets rid of dirt and oily stains in your carpet, sanitizing gets rid of microorganisms and keeps your carpet healthy.

An un-sanitised carpet is more likely to affect you and your family adversely. Sanitizing the carpet involves the use of steam and a sanitizing compound that is naturally based.

Your carpet should undergo sanitization after your pet or child has an accident that involves faces or urine. You should also schedule a sanitization of your carpet when you move to a new house and meet the previous carpet there. You have to sanitize it for your safety and that of your children and pets.

Cleaning frequency

How often is too often to clean and sanitise your carpets thoroughly and by a professional carpet cleaning London Ontario agency?

The frequency at which you have your carpets professionally cleaned depends on many factors.

• Number of people living in the house. Too many people would increase the rate at which your carpet gets stained and dirtied. In such a case, you should clean more often
• If you have kids, pets and a partner who smokes, carpet cleaners should be regular visitors to your home.

Generally there is an unspoken rule about carpet cleaning. Vacuuming the carpet should be an every week event while commercial carpet cleaning should be a bit first occurrence.

However, for families with kids and pets, carpet cleaning should be a more frequent exercise. This is because kids and pets don′;t know any better and would often get the carpet messed up again.

Cleaning your carpet often would protect you from having a poorly ventilated home. Carpets collect dust and dirt; regular cleaning would prevent that and protect your pets.

Cleaning Products

There are a thousand and one cleaning products in the market today and twice that amount in Carpet cleaning London Ontario product brands.
The sheer amount of these items is enough to spin you into a confused state.

Each of these cleaning products has its functions, pros and cons. However, when it comes to cleaning carpets, one brand stands out for us. Prochem.

The prochem brand is one that we trust to help us keep your home clean and healthy. Prochem is a one-stop shop for anything carpet cleaning.
They have a large collection of cleaning materials for anything carpet. They offer the following:

Cleaning solutions.

These cleaning solutions are further broken down into specific uses.

Pre sprays. This cleaning solution is usually applied to the dirtier areas of the carpet before the main cleaning begins. It comes in different scents and types.
Extraction detergents. These liquid detergents used in tandem with the hot water extraction machine suspend dirt and oily stains. It extracts the dirt from the carpet.
Deodorisers and Sanitizers. The function of this product is to remove odour and clear the carpet of microorganisms.

They offer biocidal sanitizers that fight against more stubborn microorganisms.

Prochem also offers a wide range of products for stain removal and carpet protection.

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